100 Years of Fizz

We've been around for a century and still nothing beats relaxing with a perfectly chilled fizz...well maybe if it has a scoop of ice cream on top! 


We love being a part of so many great kiwi memories. We were there during that family beach day, when Nana used to make you Fizz Spider treats as a kid, or when you were just hanging out with your friends and a cold fizz.



In the mood for a Raspberry treat?

Green with envy for your friend's Lime Soda?

Feel like our classic Lemonade, Creaming Soda or Kola?

Since 1918 we've been a part of great memories, there during the good times, and being part of your story.

Helping Locals

Whether it's mowing the lawns for Aunt Betty, or lending a hand at the Saturday sausage sizzle, helping locally makes a difference.

Foxton Fizz has helped local causes since 1918. Help us fill the Cap Collection Jar at your local cafe and we'll help lighten the load for people in this community by donating to the cafe's chosen local cause!